Clustera offers free customized support on your way to work or studies.

We collaborate with a large network of Employers precisely to create the best conditions for you. For those who need intensive and customized support when looking for a job or education, we offer you a dedicated and experienced supervisor who supports and equips you on the way to a job, internship or studies. Together with your supervisor, both short-term and long-term goals are set.


Caroline Lindberg

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Linn Abdullah

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Ynglingavägen 1, 177 57 Järfälla

We speak several languages

One of our strengths is all the different languages our tutors speak. We have experience in working with the individual's own conditions and obstacles. We help you who need the right support to find the right training, job interview or guidance for your next job.

Svenska, Engelska, Arabiska, Spanska, Kurmanji, Turkiska, Grekiska, Assyriska, Armeniska, Kaldeiska, Tjeckiska, Ryska, Urdu, Farsi, Dari, Tigrinja, Amhariska, Danska, Persiska, Pashto, Bosniska, Kroatiska, Serbiska, Kinesiska och Thailändska

As a jobseeker, the Swedish language is extremely important and therefore we can strengthen you through language training and communication in a rewarding way.