A structured introduction gives, 

The challenges with skills supply and demographics affect all businesses, regardless of sector and industry.

For a long time to come, the employment service also predicts that the largest groups of jobseekers will need increased support in the workplace.

It requires new ways of thinking and working in order to make as many people as possible employable. 


If an introduced person has a mother tongue other than Swedish, it is often summed up as "the person needs to learn more Swedish" in order to be employed.


Often it refers to national language and professional language. But the following parts of a language are equally important to learn: - social language - cultural language - digital language - sign language - body language - visual language - the "unspoken language" (what "everyone knows" without needing to be communicated)


When it is necessary for the introduced to learn work tasks and language, the work group is an extremely important resource for learning. Inviting to a conversation at the coffee table, taking to lunch or helping to translate - inclusion and participation in practical execution.

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