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Eskilstuna is one of several offices in the country, where we can meet you locally who are jobseekers and registered at the Swedish Public Employment Service with the right to the Rusta and matcha service.

Clustera is locally based in Eskilstuna, but thanks to our nationwide network, Clustera can help you throughout the county. We know the labor and education market and work closely with both large and small players. The Rusta and matcha service is provided in several languages.

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about us and the service Rusta and matcha.

Clustera Eskilstuna
Kungsgatan 6-8
632 20 Eskilstuna

Contact person
Rana Habib
076 - 284 77 75

Öppettider: Måndag-Torsdag 11:00-15:00

Spontanbesök: Onsdagar & Torsdagar 14.00-15.00

Other visits must be booked in advance.

Are you looking for a job or education?

Our team are experts in the field and work intensively to find those hidden jobs or education that suit you. Clustera is a nationwide player in matching, staffing and conversion with offices all over the country.

Rusta and matcha in Eskilstuna

Our team consists of driven and committed employees with a clear goal and plan to achieve results. With individualized efforts and hard work, we can together make a big difference for you as a participant at Clustera.

Our staff are experts in language and working life, we have extensive knowledge of the local labor market and at the same time we work across entire regions in the country. We work closely with the local business community to create flexible matching solutions.