Are you experiencing difficulties in your studies? Then you may have the opportunity to receive educational support.
If you attend training through the Employment Service and have a disability, you can receive educational support from Clustera.
Clustera supports you in the part(s) of the education that you need to get closer to the goal of a completed education with approved results and well-being.

Clustera has broad knowledge and competence regarding disabilities and pedagogy. We have special educators, occupational therapists, audiologists, vision specialists, sign language specialists, etc. Based on how the needs in the educational situation look like, we tailor IPSU with the right skills, pedagogical efforts and work aids.

You have the option of having IPSU throughout your education or we finish when you feel ready. You always have the opportunity to borrow work aids from us throughout your education.

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Siri Gillberg

076–021 13 59