Clustera Sverige AB

Clustera Sverige AB is a nationwide player in matching, staffing and conversion with offices all over the country. 

Our goal is to contribute to reduced unemployment with the attitude that everyone has a place in the labor market. We recruit, hire staff and coach jobseekers to match them to the right job.

Our team consists of locally based coaches with a large network in the business region.
With 100% focus on results, we do everything to deliver with quality and great commitment.

Clustera was founded in Visby in 2007 with the vision of being a local supplier of staffing and recruitment services within the IT industry. In the coming years, the business developed and they broadened their focus to more industries. Thanks to large trust capital, they managed to start several collaborations with larger customers and the business began to grow to other regions in the country.


An important part of the company's business has always been the knowledge and contact with the local working life, because of that it continued to develop the business and broadened the range of services by becoming a supplier for the Employment Agency's procured matching services. In recent years, Clustera has established itself and become a national player with a continued focus on local expertise and developed networks among employers.


Today, the business consists of approx. 110 employees with local offices in approx. 48 different locations from North to South. As of 2022, Clustera is part of a global group with over 14,000 employees and over 1,200 offices around the world.

We speak several languages

One of our strengths is all the different languages that our staff speaks. This is important and therefore we have employees who speak several languages such as Swedish, English, Arabic, Kurmanji, Turkish, Russian, Assyrian, Armenian, Chaldean, Czech, Russian, Tigrinya and Amharic.

As a jobseeker, the Swedish language is extremely important and therefore we can strengthen you through language training and communication in a rewarding way.